“Our beans don’t lie” Try it! And you’ll see why.

Dereck was born in Gauteng and started his hospitality career at high school progressing on to various hotels, fast food and industrial catering gigs. From Eskom Club as the Manager for 16 years to taking on the managerial role at golf clubs and hotels, Dereck always has had a passion for the hospitality industry. In January 2018 Dereck decided to purchase Braziliant Express and moved to Cape Town to grow the business. He believes in offering excellent service and good value for money and of course has a passion for coffee. When not serving customers at local events, he enjoys reading, gym, running and enjoying a good red wine




We have worked hard to ensure that the quality, service and everything associated with a high-end coffee shop is replicated in a mobile format. If you are that person who insists on beverages that offer great taste and great value, then Braziliant Express will appeal to you.

To make great coffee, we needed superior ingredients and that’s why our beans are:

  • Specially blended for Braziliant, combining the finest quality of South American, Guatemala and Rwanda flavours.
  • 100% Arabica which means that they are grown in high altitudes and are of a superior quality.
  • Medium roasted, dark in colour with a wholesome rich look, and some even have visible coffee oil remnants

Even though we pride ourselves on our exceptional coffee, we know that everyone’s tastes differ. That’s why we come well prepared to cater for the whole family’s taste offering a wide selection of beverages and snack options that are sure to delight.



Dereck Hirson


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